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Having fun at the cob oven building workshop in Hölö, 2018.


  • Cob Oven.

  • Tadelakt.

  • Introduction to natural building techniques.



Cob Oven

Spring/Early summer 2019. South of Sweden

Do you want to learn how to build a traditional earthen oven so you can bake those delicious pizza’s, bread and other long slow oven dishes?
The Course will cover both theory and hands-on practical sessions, so you will walk away with confidence and skills to build your own woodfired clay oven at home and share crispy pizzas with your family and friends.


Cob oven workshop Hölö, 2016.

Two-day course

Theory and tradition of earth ovens.
What is thermal mass and insulation?
How to test your soil at home?
What is cob and how do we make it?
Let’s build this oven together!

Investment 2400kr.
This includes material, ecological food, fika and simple accommodation.

Enroll: sent an email to





This beautiful mysterious plaster from Marrocco has many under its spell. However, few who can truly master it. The timing is tricky and perseverance in the ‘stoning’ is not for everyone!

Are you curious to see if tadelakt is for you?  So you can make that beautiful kitchen splashback yourself? A wall, or maybe even your own bathroom or Hammam?

3-day Tadelakt course

Spring/Early summer 2019. Location Unknown

Tadelakt course Fröholmen individual projects.

Tadelakt course Fröholmen individual projects.

Theory and history.
Materials needed.
Making our own Swedish tadelakt.
Aftercare and maintenance.
Practice practice practice.


Everyone will make a private object to take home,
and we will work on a communal project to get familiar
with ‘big’ tools and bigger surface areas.

Investment: 3600,- kr

This includes ecological food, fika, simple accommodation, the usage of tools including a semi-precious stone to polish the tadelakt.

N.B There will be an opportunity to buy your own tadelakt stone (around 350kr.) after the course, so you can continue your newly acquired skills.

Enroll: sent an email to

Mixing of tadelakt plaster during a Tadelakt course held in Hölö June 2018

Mixing of tadelakt plaster during a Tadelakt course held in Hölö, June 2018


Tadelakt course participants working on a kitchen splashback, April 2018.



‘The earth without ART is just Eh….’










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