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3D- Tadelakt Acorn, detail of tadelakt shower in Hölö


This beautiful mysterious plaster from Marrocco has many under its spell. However, few who can truly master it. The timing is tricky and perseverance in the ‘stoning’ is not for everyone!

Are you curious to see if tadelakt is for you?  So you can make that beautiful kitchen splashback yourself? A wall, or maybe even your own bathroom or Hammam?


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Mixing of tadelakt plaster during a Tadelakt course held in Hölö June 2018

Mixing of tadelakt plaster during a Tadelakt course held in Hölö, June 2018


Tadelakt course participants working on a kitchen splashback, April 2018.

What others say….



“Eveline is a good and inspiring craftswoman with an added value in her sharing and caring attitude” — Mats Peterson, 2018

“Väl valt innehåll och bra med omvaxling mellan teori och praktik. Pedagogisk met lagom tempo in både teori och praktik” – Kurt A. (73), 2018

“The three-day Tadelakt course gave me a basic understanding of Tadelakt so I can explore how I can use it on my sculptures. Now I need Practice! The teachings of Eveline were very inspiring.” – Ulrika, artist, 2018.