Tadelakt is a unique water-resistant lime plaster that is so beautiful it is hard not to fall in love with it! You will want to touch it and experience it’s silky smoothness, while it actually is as hard as stone.
Adding any kind of pigment to it, one can make extraordinary surfaces fitting to each environment.

Next to that Tadelakt can be applied to different shapes and sizes of backgrounds, making it the ideal in-situ artwork enriching any living or working space. Tadelakt always shines with a unique, nearly living aspect.

This better-looking plastering technique, though fairly new to the Western word is actually 1000’s of years old and originates in Northern African Marocco, where it was used for underground water cisterns. Next to that we find it in the beautiful bathhouses, Hammams, relaxing both body and soul. Tadelakt is water-resistant and dirt repellent and with it’s micro hairfine cracks, which appear over time adding character, it resembles marble and the luxurious feel that comes with it. Understandably, tadelakt demands careful and skillful craft.

Tadelakt is the ideal choice for kitchen splashbacks, bathroom walls and floors, showers, baths, wetrooms, fireplaces.

Anywhere you can imagine tiles, you could also have stunning tadelakt!

I specialise in adding even more character to the surfaces by (offering the possibility to )engraving the tadelakt with your personal choice of image or pattern. While not disrupting the water-resisting capabilities of the plaster. This way you have your personalized unique piece of art.



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