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    sustainable beauty

    Working with what nature gives us



Sharing skills and knowledge is for me one of the most exciting things there is. I really enjoy empowering people by letting them explore natural materials as a viable option for building and the joy that comes with working with them.



I personally love to work with tadelakt, because it seemingly has a will of it’s own. It can be persuaded but still often expresses itself in ways I would not have dreamed of. Resulting in a truely unique piece of art every time.

Permaculture Design

Permaculture Design

Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.

– Vincent van Gogh


Eveline Mimpen

“It’s my passion to create with heart head and hands.“

In today’s world, I believe it’s our duty to find better solutions. Both for our planet and for ourselves. We disrupt whole ecosystems, put enormous amounts of energy in to crush rocks, polluting air and waterways to build uninteresting cubicles which we put full of toxic paints, which we breathe daily.

Why? We can do so much better. Using natural materials, often just dug up for free from under our feet, costs about 1% of the energy compared to the normal building industry. Next, to that, It is much more beautiful, healthier, and more often than not inspires to great artistic expression by the builder. I enjoy sharing my skills and knowledge, so others may feel empowered to build with natural materials as well.

I let nature inspire me in shapes and forms, to bring aesthetic but practical living spaces; combining nature’s resources to provide for a healthy and inspiring environment with the least damage to the earth.

Eveline Mimpen Craftswoman