Sharing skills and knowledge is for me one of the most exciting things there is. I really enjoy empowering people by letting them explore natural materials as a viable option for building and the joy that comes with working with them.

For me, it is essential that there is a good balance between theoretical knowledge, practical work, play and group feel. They are the building blocks of my courses, supported by singing, sharing, helping each other and energizers (short games). If it’s not fun, it’s not working.
Theory always comes in a context (history, development, and practical application today) and is offered in a catchy way so it sticks better and has reference to personal life. It is important to me that when the course is over, participants feel they have the knowledge, skills and confidence to repeat what we’ve done in a course by themselves.

Currently I am available to run courses or workshops in:

  • Traditional cob pizza/bread ovens
  • Rocket stove techniques and ovens
  • Introduction to different natural building techniques
  • Tadelakt

You can also contact me if you’d like to have an cob oven build at your place, we might be able to hold a course. Or let’s get some friends together and I’ll guide your group through the process. A lot of fun!